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Slim down fat cells, Smooth Cellulite, Firm the Skin, Re sculpt the Figure!


How Does Endermologie® Body Sculpting Work?

Integral Cellu M6 offers LPG sculpting using a patented system of rollers and gentle suction to provide cellular stimulation. The stimulation of the connective tissue targets fat cells, encourages elastic and collagen production*, and smoothes the appearance of cellulite. The treatment improves local blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

What To Expect From Endermologie® Body Sculpting

Sessions, usually last 35-45 minutes, once or twice per week. Many clients begin seeing results after 6-8 sessions, with maximum results achieved after 14 sessions. Most clients report the treatment relaxing and similar to a massage; however, if there is discomfort, the operator can reduce the power level. Unlike liposuction or other fat-reduction surgery, there is no pain, downtime, bruising or swelling. Clients can return to their normal routine immediately upon leaving the spa!


After a complete series of endermologie® treatments, clients will see:


Single treatment               

$180   ($50 Body Suit Included)


Series of 6 treatments      

$970     ($50 Body Suit Included)


Series of 12 treatments    

$1,800    ($50 Body Suit Included)


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